Postman API Platform | Postman v10 Early Access

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Postman API Platform | Postman v10 Early Access

The world's leading API platform has new game-changing features. Learn what's launching in Postman v10.

Postman's annual user conference will take place from April 30 to May 1, 2024, in San Francisco, CA.

The conference will focus on Partner Workspaces to facilitate faster partner integration with APIs.

These workspaces allow for easy collaboration, management, and security compliance for partners.

Design teams can follow governance guidelines for high-quality APIs that integrate well.

Development teams can speed up product development by reusing components with consistent code, documentation, and testing.

Governance reporting features help teams ensure compliance and identify development opportunities.

Security principles are integrated early in the design phase for confident API deployment.

Stakeholders can access dashboards for visibility into conformance and security.

Postman offers tools like Collection Runner and the API Builder with Git support to automate tests and development workflows.

Developers can enhance their skills through workshops and engage in discussions on API innovation and software future at the conference.