To Drive Value-Based Healthcare, We Must First Redefine It

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To Drive Value-Based Healthcare, We Must First Redefine It

The healthcare industry needs to better align with consumers around this notion and their broader perception of what constitutes value.

Value-based care is a concept that has been around in the U.S. healthcare industry for more than a decade.

However, there is a major disconnect between how patients define “value” and what healthcare insiders mean when they talk about value-based care.

While healthcare providers focus on reducing costs, patients often equate value with the importance of their relationships with their doctors.

Primary care physicians (PCPs), who are in a unique position to establish trust and work proactively with patients to implement effective preventative strategies, can drive efforts to achieve a value-based model.

However, they need support from government and the private sector.

Technology can also play a significant role in enabling integrated care.

Implementing a transformative approach that embraces data, technology, and coordinated care can lead to better health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs in the long run.