Bartosz Wójcik on LinkedIn: #youtube #facebook #instagram #tiktok #video #socialmedia | 23 comments

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Bartosz Wójcik on LinkedIn: #youtube #facebook #instagram #tiktok #video #socialmedia | 23 comments

O co tak naprawdę walczą social media? O zasięg? 📈 To oczywiste, ale nie tylko. Równie ważny jest czas ⏰ jaki użytkownicy spędzają przeglądając treści na… | 23 comments on LinkedIn

The content shared by the Online Marketing & Social Media Specialist/Blogger focuses on insights and data related to social media trends, user behavior, and e-commerce in Poland.

It highlights the competition between platforms to attract and retain users through content and engagement metrics.

The analysis includes data on the time spent by users on different social media platforms, trends in e-commerce, and presentations from industry events.

The specialist also shares reports and summaries on various topics, such as the usage of social media, e-commerce market trends, and the impact of AI on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Meta.

Additionally, the specialist invites followers to engage and stay updated with their content for more insights into the digital marketing landscape.