Bartosz Wójcik on LinkedIn: #youtube #facebook #instagram #tiktok #video #socialmedia | 23 comments

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Bartosz Wójcik on LinkedIn: #youtube #facebook #instagram #tiktok #video #socialmedia | 23 comments

O co tak naprawdę walczą social media? O zasięg? 📈 To oczywiste, ale nie tylko. Równie ważny jest czas ⏰ jaki użytkownicy spędzają przeglądając treści na… | 23 comments on LinkedIn

Social media platforms are not just competing for reach, but also for user engagement.

The longer users spend on a platform, the more ads they can be exposed to.

In Poland, a study by Gemius found that in July, users spent the most time on YouTube, followed by TikTok and Facebook.

Instagram came in fourth place.

This is interesting because TikTok, which primarily features short videos, almost matched YouTube's engagement levels.

As a response, other platforms are introducing their own versions of short video content.

YouTube has introduced "Shorty" and Meta (Instagram's parent company) is investing in "Reels".

Some users are upset about the possibility of Instagram replacing graphic posts with Reels.

The analysis of social media usage in different age groups is an interesting topic for future discussion.