Improving the patient experience is a two-way street

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Improving the patient experience is a two-way street

Improvements can upset the apple cart for clinicians. An expert at EHR maker athenahealth offers advice on how to make sure the patient and clinician experiences both are top-notch.

In fact, more than half of clinicians feel overwhelmed by administrative burden and frustrated by the challenges of accessing a patient's clinical information.

For example, technologies that provide more self-service automation for patients can help reduce a clinician's administrative burden, he said.

Health IT innovation can bring scale and efficiency to provider organizations looking to amplify the patient experience.

It's important for health IT vendors to ensure the information gathered through patient experience technology is efficiently integrated into the clinician workflow.

This eliminates miscommunication and empowers clinicians to have a more complete understanding of their patient and deliver quality care.

Also, the HIT industry can take this effort another step further by building technology that presents the most relevant information the provider needs at the right moment in time.

As an ally to both patients and providers, we have the opportunity to ease the communication burden between both entities and deploy technology that's both easy to use and impactful.

More relevant and timely information for both parties is going to improve how patients and providers navigate the healthcare system and enable the best delivery of care possible.